VRscape is a virtual reality production studio, dedicated to bringing a range of immersive content to the masses.  From 360 video coverage of live events to creating unique narrative experiences,  as well as deploying the full commercial potential of virtual reality in its unparalleled ability to captivate its audience. Never before has there been a tool to so intimately connect, and compel a potential customer to notice and experience a product, and we aim to maximise the potential of this new technology.

Today well over 50% of internet traffic is video, and we see much higher levels of engagement with video than a simple text and image based website. However, as much as video is a crucial tool to showcase yourself or a product, creating compelling video that does not feel like it is pandering or too obviously constrained by editiorial needs is a tricky prospect. At the end of the day, a video needs to convey your message succinctly, in an engaging way and needs to have a lasting impact, while not succumbing to the dangers of appearing to be trite or too obviously manufactured. There is also a lack of interactivity and typically a video will only be viewed once, and most likely not all the way through.

Virtual reality, on the other hand, is interactive, far more immersive, compelling, genuine, with both an initial "wow" factor and endless replayability. The sheer act of wearing a headset means you are cut off from the distractions of the real world and fully immersed, fully focused in the VR presentation. Every emotion is far more intense, vivid and more genuinely felt in VR than with traditional video. Understandably, charities in particular are benefiting from this, as are Hotels, resorts or cultural sites and institutions, where a VR video is the next best thing to being there

Here at VRscape, we employ a range of different techniques to capture 360 degree imagery, from mono or stereo photography to video to full 3D mapping, which we can then stitch, edit, grade and apply effects to. We provide pur post production expertise to a number of major production companies in the UK, but by being able to control the entire production process, from planning to shooting to delivery, we can keep costs reasonable for our clients, while maintaining a single point of contact capable of responding to feedback throughout the process. Furthermore, we also offer proprietary applications to enable seamless navigation and e-commerce capabilities in VR.


VRscape recently produced this 360 video for the Icelandic band Cryptochrome. A hallucinatory experience which aimed to push the boundaries of what is possible with 360 video, delivering a mind boggling and truly immersive trip through the subconscious!

VRscape provided post production services to East City films for this ambitious 80 camera 360 coverage of this live event with Jude Law for Lexus. 10 rigs of 8 cameras each were used and VRscape was on hand to stitch, edit and grade.

You can read more about the making of this project by clicking here


LEXUS: THE LIFE RX 360 with Jude Law

VRscape operates EPIC LIVE MUSIC, a youtube page  featuring 360 degree videos of live performances both on stage at major venues as well as more stripped down, intimate performances outside or in the artist's studio. The end result is a unique experience for fans and artists alike and a way to erase the boundaries between them.



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VR connects businesses to customers in incredibly intimate and engaging ways.  We bring your product to life with interactivity and immersion.

From live music to museums to holiday destinations, VRscape delivers mind blowing experiences. It's the next best thing to being there!  

VRscape is developing narrative and interactive VR content, to radically alter the way we tell stories and experience the impossible and the profound.